A collection of demonstration videos highlighting various aspects of SmartGolf's functionality

  Score Intents & Card Signing

This video demonstrates the ability of members to self-declare a Scoring Intent and then play the course and fill in their scorecards electronically.

Two players each make their self-declaration; one player can handle both scorecards; when finished they each digitally sign their own and their partner's card, all with a minimum of keystrokes or button presses.

The completed scorecards will automatically upload to Golf Ireland at the end of the day for handicap adjustment (even if signing is delayed).

This functionality is equivalent to self-declaration and verification of intents in the Golf Ireland App, but SmartGolf's functionality is more user-friendly and convenient for members, and is just as secure.

Self-entry (optional per competition) and digital card-signing applies equally to SmartGolf competitions.

  SmartGolf Inter-Club Live

The Set-up video demonstrates how to configure and set-up an inter-club match, including creating a club user designated as match manager with suitable permission, and adding the player names just before the match commences (view laterally on mobile devices).

The View video demonstrates how a club member can navigate from the landing screen into today's live matches, or indeed past ones, and includes instruction for an authorised scorer to update match hole-by-hole scores (view laterally on mobile devices).

  Competition Set-up

This video demonstrates the power and ease of constructing all aspects of a golf competition including creating dedicated competition tee times.

It demonstrates the use of member category rules, booking opening and purse deduction trigger points, prize awards and automatic allocation of merit points in a 'Golfer of the Year' competition, along with many other flexible configuration settings.

  Live On-Course Scoring

This video shows the ease and simplicity of on-course scorecard entry.

Directly from their front screen - without an App installation - a member or visitor can jump into live scoring, load and commence scoring their online scorecard after entering the competition.

The facility also allows them to mark their playing partners cards, or handle the two fourballs, or team of 3 or 4 players. All other players can view their scorecard in real-time.

A live up-to-date leaderboard is also available to players on the course and in the clubhouse, enabled by competition.

  High Contention Tee Booking

This video demonstrates the extremely fast responses that a user gets in the all-important first seconds of a competition tee sheet opening for booking.

Especially important when a request to capture a line was not successful, the user is given immediate feedback in order to try another line.

There is also a quick and efficient auto-refresh booking status for all lines.

  Competition Book, Entry, Results

Continuing the lifetime of a competition, this video shows the booking start-time on the competition tee sheet, covers player entry, scorecard entry, the brief steps to finalise the competition, and the automatic results presentation.