Tee Booking

Flexible tee sheet design
Market leading features
Rapid booking responses


Order of Merits
Tee sheet linkage
Handicap updates thru Golf Ireland

Live Scoring

Live On-Course scoring
All scorecard & competition types
Live Leaderboard
Easy mobile access


Category-based book/enter policies
Subscription invoice builder
Member purse/DD
Accounts interface

Fully Integrated Golf Club Management

Book Enter Score Results

Members: Book golf, enter competitions, score your round in real-time, view results, live leaderboard and player records, manage purse, and more...

Administrators: Manage course bookings, run competitions, embed booking/results into club website, handle member renewals, apply membership policies, and more...

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Tee Booking

Rapid booking response
Flexible tee sheet design
API for connectivity

  Member Booking Experience

  High-contention bookings: fast, responsive handling at competition opening

  Mobile-friendly booking and tee sheet/competition views

  Booking buddies automatically added, member edit control and purse transfers

  Email confirmations sent to all participants on any change

  Visitor bookings by API from club site or externally; limited tee slot view

  Tee Sheet Construction

  Design control over tee slots, time separation and access policies

  Fine-grained: separate rules for time-of-day and day-of-week

  Course Aware: 9, 18, 27+ hole layouts handled without overlap on routings

  Summer/Winter: create and apply templates for each season or any chosen time period


Comprehensive formats
Full eligibility rules
Easy finalising steps
Order of Merit feeds

  Strokeplays, Matchplays & Order of Merits

  Handles all competition formats for single players and teams

  Multiple round and multi-day/single round options

  Comprehensive prize category awards; automatic Order-of-Merit points apportioned

  Leading qualifiers auto-populated into Matchplays

  'Shots Given' calculator for single/fourball matches based on course/marker

  Tee Sheet integration

  Automatic tee sheet creation, retains competition link

  Member category eligibility, including booking delay and handicap limit

  API for Visitor Competition booking and results through club website

  Competition Results

  Automatic results display on finalisation with optional email to participants

  Full competition and general play history by player including scorecard detail

  Golf Ireland handicap record & graph merged with local scores and results

  Handicap maintained through Golf Ireland, email alert option on any change


Live Scoring

Live scoring feature for all card formats, single player or team.

  Card Formats

Strokes, stableford, and par/bogey formats. Single, foursomes, fourball, or team cards. One player can optionally handle and score all cards.

  Live Leaderboard

Live competition leaderboard (when enabled) refreshes every 15 secs; visible for all participants/members.

  Visitor Access

Using a special no-login guest mode, visitors can input scores on their mobile devices for general play and open/guest competitions.

  Mobile Browser

No App installation required; device web browser keeps score data in local storage; runs online or offline with opportunistic data uploads.

  Score Intents & Card Signing

  Club members can self-declare a General Play score intent and complete their own and partners' card scorecards through SmartGolf Live Scoring.

  Digital card signing is available for all competition and general play scorecards, with a straightforward signing mechanism.

Live Scoring Video:

Membership System

Category-based policies
Subscription Invoice builder
Accounts interface
Newsletter API

  Membership System

  Membership category: policy basis in bookings and competition entry

  Subscription Fees: category, age and service inputs to sophisticated invoice builder

  Payment plan integration, including direct debits with automated reminders

  Member personal settings, GDPR consent, email, push and internal notifications

  Member Purse

  Applied to all golfing transactions, reserved on competition booking

  Created on a club-nominated account

  Caters to all leading providers: Stripe, AIBMS, Realex, Elavon

  Replenishment and member-transfer facilities (including mid-booking)

  Handicap Processing

  SmartGolf is accredited by Golf Ireland for handicap processing

  Scores automatically posted each evening

  Daily handicap change email alert for members

Reporting / Analytics

Line Occupancy
Rounds played

  Tee Reporting & Analysis

  Occupancy and financial target analysis cover any future or historical time periods

  Graphs can be sliced by course, day-of-week, time-of-day and booking policy

  Overall Rounds Played analysis is also broken down by member, guest or visitor

  More detailed analysis covers member and guest rounds by individual and Member Category

  With on-course scoring, live Speed of Play data is produced per course, and retained per day

  Other reports include member-guest introductions & statistics on speed of play for competition days